we’ve moved

Apologies to the very few who still read my blog, but I’m pleased to announce that the blog has moved, once again, to what is its newest (semi-) permanent home. The new site is here.

I won’t use auto-updates in Facebook anymore, so I guess you’ll just have to visit the site on the off chance that I’ve overcome the world’s longest (and most excruciating) spell of writer’s block and written something worth reading. (Although, considering the amount of money I’ve invested into the damn thing, I’d better start writing again, and fast. Hmm.)

So please go ahead and reset your feed readers and favorites menu – if the blog was ever on there, that is. If not, and if you’re strolling along the interwebs out of sheer boredom, head on over there and read some of the old stories and posts until I write something new.

See you on the other side!


~ by eLeCtRiKbLuEs on September 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “we’ve moved”

  1. I’m trying to find you on the other side, but can’t…

  2. whoops, thanks for pointing that out. the link’s been fixed now!

  3. Nice site. But why leave?

  4. Your are nice writer. I must follow your new site.
    My Complaint

  5. I love it! This really is the funnest (is that a word?) meme I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for playing – and for the link! Click http://link.mx/hool08200

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